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Destruction from Hurricane Ian

Hurricane Ian is the most devasting weather event to have affected Florida for 100 years. Hurricanes are never good and leave devastation and a desperate need for resources in their wake. Hurricane Ian demolished communities in Fort Myers Beach and Arcadia, Florida. Arcadia, Florida, is one of the poorest cities in the poorest county in the state. Resources are limited and, for marginalized populations, nearly nonexistent. 

Mail-in or On-ground Donations

Clothing, food, and toiletries are desperately needed.

Gift cards to places such as Walmart, Target, Publix, and any form of Visa or MC gift card. Whether you purchase goods or gift cards, please mail all to 322 E Magnolia Street, Arcadia, Florida, 34266.  Our Savannah Drop-off or mail-in location is: Savannah drop-off is: 
21 East 40th Street Savannah, GA 34101

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