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Are GMO Crops Generally Unhealthy?

The debate on the safety of GMOs – genetically modified organisms — has gained more exposure recently, specifically within the food industry and the different food movements. GMOs are when the DNA of an animal, plant, or microorganism has been scientifically altered. Scientist and researchers use three methods to modify the genes, the most common way is by transferring micro-particles of DNA to tissues within the seed/organism cell. Bacteria can also be used to infect a cell that will alter the way the organism produces its own food source or through the use biotechnology to directly change the genome of a cell.

The food industry is a mecca of GMO production. Like many modern-day science practices, genetically modifying different fruits, vegetables, and animals that people consume in high quantities was to keep up with the climate of the world. Whether or not the intention behind these decades old inventions was for the best does not determine the effects it has on life as we know it.

Genetically modified fruits, vegetables, and crops all solved a problem in the food industry in some way. Some of the benefits included using less land which helped with the overall climate of the environment, produced better chemical compositions for attaining more necessary vitamins and probiotics, and made contributions to vaccines. The goal with mass production of GMOs was to advance alongside the expanding and diminishing world, but there are major risk factors to be aware of. Changing the DNA of the different organisms throws off the natural flow of other species, changing the food web which can cause deadly allergies with growing resistance to antibiotics. The deduction of whether or not genetically modified organisms are unhealthy overall comes with a plethora of research on both sides of the debate.

GMOs affect many elements of health and science, so theories continue to be formed as research on its effects increase. Because everyone has different genetic makeups, the consumption of GMOs can have detrimentally different effects on people’s health. Generally knowing and caring for your body and your doctor will give you all the answers you need about consuming GMOs.

Author: Jasmine Pringle

Editor: Sophia Galvez

Public Health Scientist: Hira Mughal



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